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    Hi Guys,

    I went down to join Stephane and the guys for a day of aerotow and fun. I managed a couple of flights with my Habicht and more importantly I got to maiden my Rhonsperber. Yeaaayyy...

    I'm happy to report the Rhonsperber went up, flew around and came down in one piece. It needs some fine tuning but nothing too way out of whack. Increase rudder throw a bit, reduce the rudder expo from 20% down to 10%, and most important add a little more nose weight. It's very close but tail heavy. If you have an APModels Rhonsperber I built it exactly to factory set up. No change in incidence. I'm not sure what it measures but the structure of the tail does not allow for shims without a good mod so I built and flew it stock. I have a few degrees of down elevator as it trimmed out so I'll add a little more weight and fly it more as I test. It really likes rudder....

    A big thunderstorm approached fast so we had to break things down. I had a tight schedule so waiting for the skies to clear and to set everything up again was too much for today. I was happy just to get air under the wings of the Rhonspeber.

    Here are some quick iPhone pics of the day.

    Thanks again Stepahne !!! See you soon.

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    I would have gotten more pics but it was shortened day...

    The good looking guy with the Minimoa on his shoulder is our friend Al M from the forums here. I didn't have room today to take mine but soon we will be flying them together !! Great job Al with your Moa. See you soon. Joe
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      May I be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! Well done my friend with a beautiful bird!!!!



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        I'll second that! Wish I could have made it up there. I had planned on it but my nose got in the way. That's a great field and I had one of my longest flights there.

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      Thanks Tim,

      It's always a good feeling when the CG is kinda unknown or at least not confirmed by others and they come home in one piece.

      Mr Tony Stark seems to like vintage F1 and now sailplanes ! lol...



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        Here is some more pictures of yesterday
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          Wow ! Great pics. Could I post some of them and a link to them in other forums ?



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            of course Joe.
            Len Buffinton
            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Nice Rhonspeber, looks like your test pilot was a little stressed, looking at his facial expression

              SCCAAA TT TN


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                That's called the "dear in the headlights" I think.


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                  Thanks guys!

                  Yea Tony is always stressed from having to save the world from aliens and Thors brother Loki....

                  Having the fight all those bad guys from the cockpit of a vintage sailplane induces high levels of stress I'm sure ! lol

                  Just in case someone hasn't seen the Iron Man movies here is the first flight of the Mark II suit... I'm hoping the Rhonsperber will be more relaxing for Mr Stark.

                  The head sculpt is 1/4 scale and very life like. I glued his head on a pilots body from my Blackhorse Storch after I ripped the original head off that one. The shoulders of the BH body were correct but the arms are too short for a very unique look when he's out of the cockpit. But since you only see the head and the tops of the shoulders it works very well for my purposes.

                  I painted the body so it looks like he's wearing blue coveralls.

                  I got the head sculpt from China for about $25.

                  I like to to call him TRex Tony since his arm length looks more T Rex than human...

                  Once he's in the plane it looks great.




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                    I have uploaded the picture of today, same adress

                    include a nice buzzing of the field with a brand new 2-32
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                      Great photos Stephane !

                      I would have loved to been there for today's flying unfortunately I had committed to being on the PA to help a good friend.

                      You guys had had great weather.

                      Thanks agian.

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