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New England Aerotow May 18-21 - Salem, Connecticut

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    What a great day (Saturday). Started off a little gloomy but the clouds parted late morning & it was game on. I got in a bunch of flights with T-HEVY, was non-stop for a while there... launch... fly... land... get back in line... launch... fly... land... get back in line... I lost count how many times. Thanks everyone for the fun.
    Chris Evans
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      Sunday is back to work mode for me. There is still one more day of flying and the forecast looks fantastic. But, for me, time to say my annual "Thank Yous."

      - to Len for being a great friend and partner in crime. And, raffle master extraordinaire.
      - to Jim and Scot for towing and towing and towing and towing and not laughing when I towed
      - to all the Propbusters club members for cooking, field prep, shagging lines and supporting the raffle
      - to Bob for preparing all the beautiful awards and Tate's cookies for the top winners
      - to Tom for lending me a coat since I dressed for the afternoon temps and not the morning!
      - to EVERYONE who came out to fly, to help, or just enjoy watching the action. We love helpers and spectators.

      Thanks too to everyone for their well wishes on my ongoing kidney battle. I hated to miss Friday, but the folks at the ER have morphine and other fun stuff to make up for a long sleepless Thursday night.

      The aerotow is a highlight of our club year. Members love to see the soaring circus come to town! It also raises important funds to support the field. But we do it because we love soaring and love soaring with all of you!


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        Well I spent so much time packing tonight that I missed saying good bye to all the great folks we fly with. I have a family commitment on Sunday so I will leave the fun to the rest of you. I got in three days of great flying and great conversations.

        Thanks to to everyone that made the event happen.

        hope to see you you all on the windy ridge.


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          During this time of year, my tenants are expected to enjoy their lovely apartments and not even think about moving. Somehow they didn't get the memo this year and one of the most important things in my life, FLYING, is getting severly disrupted and replaced with that nasty four letter word... WORK.

          So glad to join you good folk for at least two days, Thursday and Saturday. Great flying days & so much fun!
          Thanks to everyone- especially the Tow Pilots: Jim, Steve, Scot, and Len. Thanks again Len for helping fine tune my new Reichard Fox.

          I never win anything- but was surprised and delighted to take home the Eflite Convergence VTOL from the raffle. What a neat prize that included the reciever and battery. Thanks again Horizon Hobby for participating with the raffle donation.

          Looking forward to the next event i can participate in.


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            Had a great time at the new England Aerotow this weekend. I was able to get many flights in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

            Always great to see everyone and catch up on what has been going on and have fun flying our sailplanes.

            Not only were there many pilots with sailplanes and tow planes participating in the flying, but many spectators as well enjoying the event watching all the activity as well as having the opportunity to talk with many of the pilots and club members about scale aerotowing and r/c flying.

            Many thanks to the tow pilots: Scot, Jim, Len, and Steve........without a tow we would be on the ground.

            A special thanks to The R/C PropBusters for hosting the event and Len and Steve for all the work they put into making this happen.

            The club does such a fantastic job hosting...........preparing the field and making sure it's ready for all the flying and also having lunch available during the event.

            Len and Steve kept everything running extremely well all weekend long for all that came. Saturday afternoon there was a raffle with many prizes from Horizon Hobby followed by various pilot awards.

            Looking forward to next year !



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              Another New England Aerotow in the books.
              The 2017 edition was blessed with bright sunny sky's for 90% of the time and no rain!!! Thank you weather gods.
              Those that attended the event this year were served up a healthy dose of thermal activity. Thank you to the Propbusters club for allowing us to occupy the field for 4 1l2 straight days and a special shout out to the members who keep us fed.
              Jim Dolly, our supreme tow commander, was busy keeping the sky full of skinny winged airplanes while myself and the rest of the usual characters buzzed the flight line at ridiculous speeds. Scot Stewart once again showed why he is becoming one of the premier tow pilots on the circuit, logging close to 12 hours of towing time as well.

              Thanks Steve for partnering up once again to put on this event, I'm always honored to work with you. A big thanks goes to Horizon Hobby for allowing us to provide the raffle prizes with generous discounts. Bob M, thank you again for helping fund the raffle.

              Thanks to all the participants who gave up their time and came out to support the event.

              Till next time.
              Len Buffinton
              Team Horizon Hobby


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                Alan Scuterud, one of our club members got a lot of shots on Friday. I have uploaded a few and we are working on get the rest available. I believe there should be a link on the scale soaring Facebook page.


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                Whew! That was fun... What a great place and the weather was fantastic. Thanks to the host club The Prop Busters for holding this event on their field. Thanks to the Tow Pilots for getting us airborne. As always a fun meet to attend.
                thanks for the memories...


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                  just a short video from this weekend.


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                    I really was out of gas, I swear....... Just ask Len, he told me the answer before I looked!!!


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                      Nice landing Scot !
                      Len Buffinton
                      Team Horizon Hobby


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                        Home again after another marathon drive. Looking at the flight timer on the Bidule, it did a little over 14 hours of towing over the span of this four day event and consumed a little over 8 gallons of fuel. That works out to about 73 ounces per hour on fuel usage for the DA-150.

                        Scot and I alternated towing, so he had at least 14 hours of flight time as well. Add in Steve's several hours plus some time by Len and Aurele and we easily topped 30 hours of tow time for the event. Divide that by four days and that means there was non-stop towing for around 7.5 hours every day...and not one major mishap on towing through all of that time.

                        What we do is "performance art" and together we delivered a masterpiece!

                        Great time flying with everyone and now we look forward to Windy Ridge. 😎
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                          Good to see old friends and make some new ones, thanks to the Propbusters and tow pilots, looking forward to June 1
                          Jim S.


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                            Thank you to the RC Propbusters, Tow pilots, ground crews, lunch crew, Horizon Hobby and everyone else that pitched in. Another great New England Aerotow is history. I had a great time seeing old friends, meeting some new ones and dragging one or two more into this sport. Oh ya - Flying Too! Great weekend. Thank you all for a great time.

                            I had a few moments of uncertainty with the camera after I got home trying to get the shots off onto the pc (cue the suspenseful music - Jeff notably sweats....) but I think were good. Here are a few quick cuts of the maidens / new ships. The album will be up as soon as I can get it done between other things. Patience as always please. It's only 1000 shots to widdle down

                            Jeff D.


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                              Are we good? All I see are a few question marks.?