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2017 Cumberland, MD Summer Soaring ~ July 19-23, 2017

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  • 2017 Cumberland, MD Summer Soaring ~ July 19-23, 2017

    5th Annual Cumberland Summer Soaring ~ July 19-23, 2017

    ***click here to register***

    Date: July 19-23, 2017

    ***Scheduling a five day weather window for the event (Wednesday-Sunday), but the field will be open for those that wish to came earlier or stay later.***

    Flying Style:

    All manner of sailplanes are welcome and weather conditions will dictate flying style, so bring everything...slopers to floaters, foamies to giant scale...because conditions can vary widely over the span of several days. Typically, July is very sunny and warm, so bring a popup shade and plenty of water to drink.

    Landing fee:

    $20.00/day or $50.00 for 3 or more (Why come for just 1-2 days when the best deal is three or more)


    HighPoint Aviation Airfield atop Knobley Mountain three miles south of Cumberland, MD in West Virginia.

    Directions to the HighPoint Aviation Airfield:

    GPS data for airfield: Latitude: North 39° 34.872' Longitude: West 78° 48.230'

    ***Please note updated directions***
    • In Cumberland, Exit from I-68 onto Industrial Boulevard (eastbound)
    • From Industrial Boulevard, exit right onto Canal Parkway
    • Canal Parkway becomes West Virginia Route 28 after crossing the Potomac River Bridge.
    • Continue on WV Route 28 about 2.5 miles to Route 28 Auto Sales (on right).
    • Turn right onto Heavener Road at Route 28 Auto Sales.
    • From this point it is 1.8 miles to the airfield on top of Knobley Mountain.
    • Continue on this paved road 0.2 miles to the top of the hill.
    • Turn left onto the unpaved road (Street sign says Thicket, but wooden sign on tree says Ridge Road. Apple Maps identifies this road as Old Ridgeley Road and Google Maps identifies it as Ridge Road).
    • Continue 0.3 miles around the ridge until you cross under the power lines.
    • Turn left onto Sunny Side Drive.
    • Continue a short distance (0.1 miles) to the divide in this road.
    • Go to the right at the divide. Neither Apple Maps nor Google Maps show the road beyond this point, but it is visible on the satellite view. Continue on this gravel road for 1.2 miles to the airfield on top of Knobley Mountain.

    • Hairpin turn has been widened.

    Food & Facilities on the Field:

    * A light lunch will be offered for purchase each day at about 1:00pm

    * Bring what snacks and drinks you will consume the rest of the day and please take your empty wrappers and bottles with you because there is no trash removal service available for the airfield.

    * There are port-a-pot facilities on site. Camping is allowed, but there are no hookups for electricity or water.

    * Bring layers of clothing because the temperature can vary widely over the same day and don't forget sunblock and skin lotion because sun and wind burn are common otherwise.

    Recommended places to stay:

    Fairfield Inn & Suites in Cumberland, MD

    This facility is closest to the field (about 5 miles away) and has the best quality rooms in the area, but their parking lot is tight. It is also in walking distance of many family oriented historic sites, shops, and restaurants.

    Comfort Inn & Suites in LaVale, MD:

    This facility is about twelve miles from the field, has very nice rooms, and a large parking lot. It is in easy driving distance of many restaurants, large box stores like WalMart, Lowes, Harbor Freight, and Martin's Market.

    Holiday Inn Express in LaVale, MD:

    This facility just opened in the late fall of 2015. It is just a short distance down the road from the Comfort Inn and is likewise about twelve miles from the field.

    Braddock Best Western in LaVale, MD

    This is an older facility that has been a favorite for those attending the Fall Soar for Fun for many years ago. It was considered the "headquarters" for the CASA group. It has been well maintained over time and offers rooms with parking at the door as well as more budget friendly rates.

    Days Inn & Suites in Frostburg, MD:

    This facility is about seventeen miles from the field, has nice rooms, and more reasonable rates for the budget conscious.

    Evening Dining with Local Flavor:

    While there are the typical chain restaurants in the LaVale area; Bob Evans (301-729-0160), Cracker Barrel (301-729-0649), Denny's (301-729-6600), Applebee's (301-729-4189), and Ruby Tuesday (301-729-8738). You may want to check out some of the local favorites:

    Ristorante Ottaviani 25 N Centre Street, Cumberland, MD 301-722-0052 ~fine dining Italian cuisine (reservations recommended)

    Puccini Restaurant 12901 Ali Ghan Road, (east of town off I-68) Cumberland, MD 301-777-7822 ~historic setting, wood fired pizza specialty plus steak & seafood (reservations recommended)

    Fratelli Restaurant & Bar 359 National Highway, LaVale, MD 301-722-1777 ~ Steak, seafood, and pasta specialties. Can accommodate larger groups with advanced notice. (reservations recommended)

    D'Atri's Restaurant 18 National Highway, LaVale, MD 301-722-0052 ~great breakfast, specialty is steak hoagie for lunch, and Italian dishes for dinner. Very reasonable prices, walk in dining, but can have long wait at peak times for lunch and dinner.

    Grand China Buffet Next to Ruby Tuesday and McDonald's in LaVale. Large selection, reasonable prices, quick in & out service. Mix of Chinese and American items plus sushi bar.

    Henny's Grill & Bar 1290 National Highway, LaVale, MD 301-729-1746 ~ Steak, seafood, pasta. Have been able to accommodate larger groups on short notice (reservations recommended)

    Asian Garden 1235 National Highway, LaVale, MD 301-729-8577 ~quality Chinese & Thai cuisine. walk in and carryout service.

    Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant & Bar 11 Bowery Street, Frostburg, MD 301-689-2220 ~ a favorite place of the University crowd (reservations recommended)

    Linda's Old Furnace Restaurant Route 28 Furnace Acres, Ridgeley, WV 304-738-7000 ~ just south of the field along Route 28. We frequently call in lunch requests and they have it ready for carryout when we get there. Our favorite is their turkey club sandwich. Also a good breakfast spot on the way to the field. Very basic place, but reasonable prices and good food.

    Hope this all helps, we look forward to seeing everyone again and some great flying!
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    We will keep a current list in this post and update it here as the registrations come in.

    Registered Pilots

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      Sorry to miss out this one... will be at Sled Works.


      • JimD
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        You will be missed, but say hi to the guys out there at Sled Works for us!

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      Getting hyped to go back to the mountain!


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        OK Guys, shameless commercial for The Model Box as always
        If you have a wish or need list for RC stuff, please let me know, and I will do my best to fulfill your needs.
        The Horizon X-Vert just shipped to us today, and we already have an order request for Cumberland,
        so if you want one to fly on the hill let me know as the the first shipment is sold out
        Look forward to seeing everyone, and you may be seeing Snatch McCleod,
        as of this moment he is attending

        Jeremy and Ben
        SCCAAA TT TN


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          beautiful day on the mountain here:

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            Indeed. I couldn't do anything wrong in today's lift. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.


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              Thanks's for your orders Jim and Dustin, getting it ready to fly on the mountain should not be a problem

              Jeremy and Ben
              SCCAAA TT TN


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                One more commercial for The Model Box, you still have time to place and order with us for delivery to Cumberland next week, so rack your brains and let us know your needs. Thank's to all of you who have already placed orders with us!
                See you on the mountain.

                Jeremy and Ben
                SCCAAA TT TN


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                  We currently have 22 pilots registered and the event is now just one week away.

                  Planning meals is MUCH easier when you have an accurate count of the people that will be present. Aside from the food, there are things like plates, napkins, utensils, cups, and such.

                  if you are planning to attend and have not registered, or if you know someone who is planning to attend and has not registered, please do so as soon as possible. It will be greatly appreciated!
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                    I was in Mt. Airy/Frederick, MD, last month for a NAR Regional rocket contest. It's a beautiful area. I would love to make it to one of your events in the future, but it won't be this year. I hope y'all have a great weather for your event. I look forward to seeing lots of photos and video!
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                      Official registration list is now 24 and three more have notified me that they are attending, but have not yet officially registered.

                      TJ...looking forward to meeting you at one of the events here on the mountain. We have been very busy building here to make the facilities even better. This has been a long time dream and now it is finally coming together. I apologize for the delay on my 2-33 build thread, but this mountain Airfield has priority right now.
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                      • Steve P
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                        Humm. 24. That makes for a nice even order of cinnamon buns. I'll buy!

                        If not cinnamon buns, sheet cake. If not sheet cake, improvise. HuRah!

                      • JimD
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                        Okay Steve, we will see what we can do to satisfy that sweet tooth...and we will have our local Club Dentist (Dr. JoeN) on site to assist with any emergencies!

                      • Steve P
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                        Someone with insulin at the ready might be a good idea too.

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                      Originally posted by Steve P View Post
                      Someone with insulin at the ready might be a good idea too.
                      A non-diabetic taking insulin would be a bad bad thing.......but you go ahead.

                      TEAM GORGEOUS


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                        26 officially registered plus three others that say they are coming but have not officially registered.
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                        • Swiss1
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                          Your'e doing this all wrong, you tell him I bet you can't get your trailer up the hill, and it becomes a challenge!!
                          REVERSE works every time or it backfires on you!

                        • Xroadie
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                          Who is this Xroadie guy??...Hey...I resemble that remark As some of you know I had a low hauler type trailer that I got because it will fit under my standard height garage maximize interior space they drop it down on the rubber torsion axels. My concern is the low clearance....6 inches at the back when going over Jims beautifully sculpted anti erosion swales. I am not so much worried about damaging the trailer as I am creating a road block if the trailer gets hung up
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                        • Steve P
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                          I have a low trailer with Torflex. No issues.

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                        Now you guys me worried that I won't be able to make it up the mountain with my small utility trailer behind my front wheel drive car........?



                        • JimD
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                          Not a worry, Len has an F-250 Powerstroke insurance policy! 😎

                        • Xroadie
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                          How much does Len charge for a tow

                        • lenb
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                          We can throw the trailer in the back of the truck and carry it up.