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2017 Aerotow Event Schedule - Eastern USA - Registration and more links

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    Gee Tony, sorry to hear the event is ending!!
    SKSS has always been a favorite destination of ours ( even if it meant battling the 95 traffic ) because once we arrived, the venue and people made the travel worth the effort. It's going to be missed for sure.
    Since joining the "aerotow community" in 2009, I've personally seen the impact your group has had on the soaring hobby, something you guys should be very proud of. It's sad to see it go.
    This begs the question, is there something we as a community, can do to change your mind? Perhaps scale back the responsibilities? Simply put, all we need is a field to fly and a place to park the planes. Nobody needs all the extra stuff that takes so much time, effort and money to produce. Lets all just get together and fly.

    Let us know.

    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Well that really sucks.....I wasn't able to make last year due to family obligations and was looking forward to this year.
      I also wasn't aware that there was a "conflicting" event scheduled for the very same weekend that has historically been attended by people that have attended SKSS.......what was the thinking behind that?
      What where the people that had attended both in the past going to do?
      Well, I guess that doesn't matter anymore since SKSS is gone.
      On to the "Gathering" that Tony mentioned from a few years was myself who said something about it that brought the holy hell down on the SKSS crew for daring to fly the same weekend as a big event when none of the people who where at SKSS where even thinking of going to the other event.....but that's all ancient history that you would have thought everyone would have learned from......I guess not.


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        +1 for all I said in my email to you. We can dispatch with all the food and such and just have a fun weekend fly. A number of us will tow. The field and the people are all that matter. Could be done in your typical earlier weekend in August or later in October when you are sure the field construction is done and temps are cool.

        Don't see any basis for the conflicting event issue? Winamac out in Indiana announced their dates before SKSS and in their typical timeframe. SKSS moved later in the month of August from traditional dates and is now overlapping with Winamac. Beyond that, there was also an offer this past winter to swap Muncy if SKSS wanted to move to September? The die is now cast on those.

        October? Something to at least mull.
        Team JR Air ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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          I am young in the crowd and have only been to Delaware for the past 3? years, no more than 4...but it is all about the people after the first 6 months and I will dearly miss the people and fun. If a weekend pops up that works, I would love to participate and the Bidule will be more than happy to tow all weekend. Whatever it takes! Nothing wrong with a BYOB aerotow, all I need is a field and friends, the rest happens. Screw any politics, LETS FLY!!!!! Fully understand the uncertainty of the field availability driving the necessity for a "flash mob" aerotow, but if it works out I sure would like to come fly with you guys. Until we can fly together again, thanks and looking forward to more.



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            If Tony is referring to myself and Jim being scheduled to attend the Winimac Indiana event again this year, which is the same weekend SKSS moved their event to, it clears up the mystery.

            Last fall, ( October/November 2016) SKSS agreed//wanted to move into the September date to get some cooler weather and better traffic/lodging combinations. The Vermont Aerotow, which was held in September, was willing to move into August. A perfect match. The dates on the event calendar were solidified for most USA events except SKSS ( but we knew it would be in September sometime as planned). I made my schedule and booked my lodging early in Indiana since there is very limited lodging in the immediate area, everything is set, No problem.....


            Sadly, in February 2017, SKSS announced there was an issue with a September aerotow internally and chose the same date which Winimac traditionally holds their event.

            Unfortunately, I had already committed to go to Indiana again this season. I attended both events in 2016 since SKSS was always a week earlier in August and planned to do be there in September, but the dates didn't work out.

            Can SKSS go back to their traditional dates or as Steve suggests, something in later October? Maybe even a short notice weekend will suffice?

            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Many thanks for the well wishes and I do need to let you know that while we are ending the "Great American Aerotow" we have not given up on aerotowing. As a club you all know we usually have a small club participation and Charlie takes the brunt of the work to make everyone happy, thats just the way Charlie is. As I mentioned before our lives have changed and we can't devote the time to an event like we have in the past.
              Our club has suffered this year with the closing of the field during renovations and club membership is at half what it usually is this time of year. As of today we still have not heard of any time frame for us to have the field back.

              The issue of the conflicting events was brought to my attention by a few regulars and i apologize if I mentioned it in the wrong way. With so much happening after last years "people bake" and the possibility of swapping with Vermont I guess there was no "hold" on that particular time frame.
              Going forward all I can say is that there will be aerotowing at SKSS in the future, just a more laid back time to fly and shoot the breeze, nothing planned, just hoping next year will work for us.

              Len, your attending Winimac did not in any way cause us to change our minds, as I have mentioned Charlie and I needed the time off. I always looked forward to your attendance at our or any event since you have brought so much to this hobby and continue to give. I am pretty sure aerotowing on the East coast would not be where it is now without the effort you and Steve have put into our hobby.

              Team "Casa Del Whaco's"


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                Thanks Tony,
                As always, if you build it we will come.

                See you soon.
                Team Horizon Hobby


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                  Hi Tony et all,

                  Sorry to hear about having to pull back on the GAAT but I understand the reasons. Like Scot I'm a newbie. Only 3 full years under my belt (2014) but you guys definitely helped to cement the love for aerotowing that first year and I'm very grateful for all your help and friendships.

                  Hopefully the field will work out ok and if you ever decide to call a impromptu weekend get together, I'll do my darnedest to get there. I agree with comments before. It doesn't have to be a big planning thing. Brown bag aerotow....My first year in I remember Len talking about conversations with a group thinking of an aerotow but not knowing how to plan one. "Just pick the date. We are like a band of traveling gippzes. We bring everything we need." He's right.

                  So as the sun sets on the GAAT for the moment, I hope to see you guys again either there or at other tows. Thank you again for your hard work and the great times.

                  Jeff D.


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                    NEXT UP!

                    5th Annual Cumberland Maryland Summer Soaring
                    July 19 - July 23, 2017
                    Wiley Ford, West Virginia

                    Quebec CanAm Aerotow
                    Sainte-Julie, Canada (close to Montreal)
                    August 18-20, 2017
                    Club website:

                    Winamac Aerotow
                    Winamac, Indiana
                    August 24-27, 2017
                    Contact Tim at 219-688-3984
                    Team JR Air ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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                      Steve, the Clover Creek dates have not been corrected on the thread it should be September 14-17 2017.


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                        Team Horizon Hobby


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                          Black Dirt promotional flier. October 6-7-8, Goshen, NY

                          Register by clicking: HERE
                          Team JR Air ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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                            MRCA does it again this year, next event programmed for October 14th and 15th

                            Ann Arbor MI

                            if questions, contact me via PM
                            Horizon Hobby Team Member


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                              I plan to attend. Only about 30 miles from home.


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                                Originally posted by Al_M View Post
                                I plan to attend. Only about 30 miles from home.

                                I will be glad to see you again Al, if you need directions let me know
                                Horizon Hobby Team Member