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2018 Kamloops Aerotow and More

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  • 2018 Kamloops Aerotow and More


    Wanted to announce the 2018 Kamloops Aerotow, September 14-16. Although aerotow-centric, this will be a multi-disciplinary event as we have a great field and lots of wide open spaces, so electric sailplanes/winch/high-start/DLG will all be welcome. This will be a great opportunity for all brands of the sailplane hobby to get together and share fun and experiences.

    Put the date on your calendar! More details to follow....not yet on MAAC but will be soon.

    Hosted by Kamloops High Country Flyers

    Dave Smith

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    Thanks for posting. I also added this to our Facebook events list...
    Team PowerBox Systems Americas ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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      Just a reminder...Kamloops up this coming Friday-Sunday. Weather is holding! See you all there!

      Dave Smith


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        Just a reminder, Kamloops is full ON for Friday- Sunday



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          The short version: Low turnout, cold and windy but surprisingly flyable on Friday, beautiful on Saturday and threatening foul weather on Sunday so we all bailed out!

          The field is excellent; two soccer fields end to end, beautifully cut and maintained, and wide open space on three sides. The fourth side has baseball diamonds so no overflying during active use, but that definitely poses no problems.

          We were hoping for some turnout from the local glider guys of any aspect, (aerotow, winch, bungee, DLG, ALES, electric of any sort), but not a soul showed up which was very disappointing. We were trying to generate aerotow interest, but it's hard when there's no audience! Regardless, the handful of us that were there got all the flying we wanted and it was excellent. We plan on taking another shot next year (date will be announced soon), and we'll push hard to generate attendance, This is another spot that's too good to skip.

          I didn't take any pictures but did a little bit of video with Doug A's old camera. Sorry for some jiggling as this was my first time out with this device. Check out the balmy breeze in the first bit!


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            Nice video...
            I was pleasantly surprised to see my 1/3 scale 2-33 customer in that video towed up by a "nice" scale Wilga!



            • Dave Smith
              Dave Smith commented
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              Yes, Dave Tanner is happy with his 2-33 and the Wilga is acceptable :-)

            • gunny11
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              Ahh, Dave Tanner... Tell him I said hello.