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Electrifying a trailer

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  • Electrifying a trailer

    Please share what is involved in installing and wiring in a set of solar panels to keep one or two automotive batteries charged for providing 12vdc and 110vac inside an enclosed trailer. I know I need a solar panel set (similar to those sold by Harbor Freight, one or two automotive batteries, likely an inverter of some size, and a bunch of wire, and alot of electrical know how. Currently I have the want and a couple large batteries, and a 7X12 ft. trailer. Please share how you have installed the hardware and wiring to make for a simple reliable system. Also please how best to make a watertight passthrough to get the wires from the solar panels to the inside of the trailer.

    Larry Fitch

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    Hi Larry.

    While I'm not electric guru by any stretch of the imagination, my Solar Panels were installed in an hour while at an aerotow in Cumberland.
    The kit from Harbour Freight comes with everything you need and the instruction to boot.

    As for the sealer, I used silicone, which is not the best choice. Better is go to a trailer store and get some Trailer Roof cement. It comes in a caulking tube and is used for sealing the panel joints and edges.
    Great stuff.
    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Thanks for the response. I'll look for the roof cement.
      Larry Fitch