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Home made "Glider Box"

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  • Home made "Glider Box"

    Since I haven't acquired an enclosed trailer yet I thought a "Glider Box" that I can put in the back of my truck with the tailgate down would be expeditious and cheaper for now.
    Looking at what's available that is already made reveals the "Cobra trailer". Very nice but but a lot of money just for a box.
    I thought, that looks simple enough and I've never made a foam and fiberglass project that size and I bet I can make one cheaper. It's more expensive then I thought it would be to make one with foam and fiberglass but it is light weight!

    I started this a couple months ago but I'm almost finished with it but as for cheaper, not as inexpensive as I had thought and definitely not for the amount of labor and time. The foam was the cheapest part at less than $40 for three sheets of the 1/2" insulation type foam sheets. But enough glass (cheapest 6oz I could find) and resin (West systems) for three layers inside and out boosts the expense greatly. The box is 8ft long, 20" wide and 17" tall. So far I have about $220 in just glass and a little over a gallon of West Systems (Not too bad from Amazon) resin/catalyst into it and need a couple more layers on the inside of the bottom half. You could definitely use a cheaper resin but I've always had good luck with West System.

    It's been a fun project and I'll post more pictures when it's done but if you really need a "box" for your sailplane it isn't a bad deal compared to one of those "Cobra" boxes, if it'll even fit your model. Honestly though spending the money on an enclosed trailer is the end game but this box, after I add wheels, will make it easy to safely drag the model to a cliff or other remote location not easily accessible.

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    Cool, will be watching with interest .


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      cool . I built a roof there is a thead on scalesoaring uk


      • BryanB
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        Great job! I thought about wood but was concerned about the weight. Would have definitely been cheaper.

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      Thanks . It only cost £40 uk pounds . And is 3 meters long weight is 4 kg less than a 2.2 meter Thule box


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        It warmed up a little and with the addition of my new heat lamp bar setup I was able to get a little bit done today. Mainly just added the rudder box.


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          That looks pretty sturdy! I built a BIG blue foam box for my Charlotte. Since the crash it would be a nice coffin for it if I decide to bury it!


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            Yes, I am way over building and thinking this thing. I have to keep telling myself it's just a box and doesn't have to fly, pass the judges inspection or survive a hurricane but like most of us we tend to be bit meticulous about the stuff we build. Temps here have been too cool for some finishing glassing but getting close. It's a good learning experience for a first attempt at this sort or project.

            Working and sanding large fiberglass projects is a nasty business. Think I'll make the next one out of wood with maybe a single layer of glass for weather proofing.