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    Italian engine... WOW! That is a nice truck! The Italians sure make jewels for engines. I still love the 'et-ceterini' cars... you know... OSCAs, Morettis, Siatas, Bandini, Nardi, Taraschi, etc. Their sheet metal is usually lacking, though. lol FWIW- almost all of my racing bicycles are and were Italian with Italian gruppos (components- mostly Campagnolo but some Gipiemme and Modolo). I had some really pretty ones: Zullo, Rossini, Masi, Colnago, Torelli, Gios, Olmo, Tomassini and a few others I can't remember. I still think these Italian bicycles were some of the best racing machines ever made! Now it's all carbon fiber blandness.


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      Originally posted by Al_M View Post
      One more thing: engine noise. In my former life as an automotive powertrain engineer, I have driven many, many miles with diesel engines under the hood. Ford, GM, Dodge - I’ve logged more hours than one can imagine driving these big 3/4 ton and one ton trucks. The one common denominator: all of them growled, and one became quite used to the sound.😃
      Huh......I have a 2011 F-250 with the 6.7 L Diesel engine and it is so quite you have to look at the gauges at times to see if it’s running.....even under hard acceleration it is super quite......quieter then the F-150 5.4 L Gasser I had previously.


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        After an unusually long winter, I am finally able to start work on the trailer. Today I primed the floor with Zinsser BullsEye2 Primer and sealer, 2 coats. The directions on the can say that full cure takes 7 days. Oh well, I have several things to do on the new truck: install the step rails and the tonneau cover. So that will keep me busy for a day or two. I also need to build fuselage cradles for the Minimoa, Kranich and Salto. And there are covering repairs left to do on the Minimoa and Kranich. So things will remain busy while the primer cures. Then we’ll install the carpet tiles. Below are the “before” and “after” photos of the trailer floor and a photo of the materials I used. The fold-down ramp will be coated with left over Herculiner that I have leftover from applying bedliner to the entire interior of my Jeep Wrangler. It has ground-up rubber granules in it, providing a safe, non-skid surface on the fold-down ramp.