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  • Weatronics Bat 60

    I have the new Bat 60 from Weatronics and am trying to put the Wav. voice files on it but it just won't pick them up.
    Any ideas?
    Last edited by Tom Harper; 05-25-2015, 05:08 AM.

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    Tom, you're probably one of the few members with a weatronic on this forum so response and help may take some time. I have the Jeti and have had no problem downloading wav files. It is a matter of placing them in the correct directory. Perhaps there is a forum for weatronics that will be helpful. BTW, you should come to Alabama to visit and join us at the Huntsville Aerotow October 1-4, 2015.
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      Hi Asher, Thank you for your reply, Yes they are new and that seems to be the problem, Not enough info out there yet. I just wish they would put up some tutorials on youtube to get the info out there. I am in Australia right now working on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The people here are great and the scale soaring scene here is really picking up speed. I will be in Atlanta In September for my next project. I will be pulling my trailer back there so I will have all of my planes with me as well as my tug. All the best, Tom


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        Sounds good. Plan to spend some time with us @ Huntsville.