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  • Throttle Curve DX-18

    I want to set up a throttle curve on my Bidule 170 so I get linear throttle response. What is the best way to set this up on a DX18? Should I use the heli throttle curve or should I mix that channel to a curve and set it up with a tachometer?


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    Throttle curve is available with an airplane model type, so I would use that. It is a menu option under Function List. I think it is the same functionality for throttle curve under airplane or helicopter model type, both have throttle curve in their function lists. Either is the same thing as making a mix for throttle to itself and adjusting the curve accordingly. Setting it up with a tachometer is a personal choice. I never got that fancy when trying to define the curve, I was happy if I could hear a throttle change at each notch on the throttle ratchet.


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      Thanks! I like to use a tach so I know that half stick throttle is giving me exactly half of the full RPMs. Quarter stick and 3/4 etc etc. Yeah yeah, a little picky but the minimum is I want it linear!


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    Yep, there's a throttle curve in the airplane menus on that radio, you can have multiple or just do what I do, set one up and let leave it. I just do it by ear but whatever floats your goat