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DX18 only 90 degrees of travel/X Plus 8 issues

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  • DX18 only 90 degrees of travel/X Plus 8 issues

    I can't figure out why but I can only get 90 degrees of travel on any given servo/channel and any servo hooked up through the X Plus 8 has a wicked pulse as it moves from one position to another. I've switched servos and channels, reversed channels, maxed out throws to 150 in eiter direction and still can't get enough travel to operate my retract. The pulsing servos is a complete mystery. Anyone have a suggestion?

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    Everything seems to work fine through the extra Powersafe channels I have available so I guess I'll run the retract, brake and esc off of the main system until I can determine why the X Plus 8 is causing pulsing/surging.