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AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module (SPMAS3000)

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  • AS3000 AS3X Flight Stabilization Module (SPMAS3000)

    So this new little module not only has "gyro" stabilization but Vario, G-Force and Altitude built into that little thing? I guess adding a GPS and you're set!
    Even though it is extremely small, the AS3000 gives pilots the same extraordinary performance as all AS3X systems with the added ease of use of Spektrum Forward Programing.

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    Ok. Tim "DX18 Gen 1 guy here" (cue Jeremy now). So this does look nice and the web site does show that it works on Gen 1 DX18's...but, they don't have a speaker so I'm assuming that the vario is not an audio one?


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      We'll be installing one in the Smelly Yak this week and will report back on the features.

      Tim, It's a gyro first, so yes it will work with the Gen 1, the audio features obviously will require a little person in the radio talking to you.

      Len Buffinton
      Team Horizon Hobby


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        I think it might be similar to use of a SPMA9589 vario/TM1000 telemetry module with my DX8. You will hear the tones from the vario rising and falling, but there is no voice callout.


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          So, instead of buying a 50 dollar vario, I can buy this and get altitude, vario, gyro and G force for 65? No brainer..


          • BryanB
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            That's exactly what I'm thinking, All that in this little unit for a very reasonable price. Sometimes R/C technology is great and it baffles me how they cram all these goodies in such a little package.
            Now if they'd just just hurry the development of the new solid state lithium batteries! ♣