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For Sale: 40% scale Schleicher Ka-1, RTF

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  • For Sale: 40% scale Schleicher Ka-1, RTF

    FS, 1:2.5 scale Schleicher Ka-1 from CNC Modellbautechnik kit

    This one has been sitting in my shop for quite a while now, I kind of drifted away from RC soaring, also, since I live in the land of no aerotow, I doubt I’ll ever fly it again, so I’m putting it up for sale.

    As the title says, it’s a Schleicher Ka-1 from the CNC Modellbautechnik kit.
    The company is still in business, but is not making kits anymore.
    The kits were high quality kits, with parts mostly cut on CNC router, and some laser cut. Kits were well engineered, and easy to assemble, with very good fit.

    At the time, this kit sold for 1399 Euro ( approx. $ 1500 )

    Specs :
    Scale : 1:2.5
    wing span : 4m , 157 in
    length : 2.1 m, 83 in
    wing area : 194 dm2 , 3007 sqin
    AUW : 9.5 kg, 20.8 lbs
    wing loading : 49 g/dm2 , 15.99 oz/sqft
    Servos installed :
    Ailerons & airbrakes : Hitec HS-475 HB
    Tail surfaces : Hitec HS-85 MG
    Tow Release : Hitec HS-645 MG
    Power supply : 2ea 4cell 1800 mAh NiCd battery packs
    Model was built '08 / '09, maiden flight was in may of '09, and since then it has been flown only a few more time in ’10 and ’11, and been in storage since.

    Fuselage was glassed and painted with Krylon spray paint.
    Wings and tail surfaces were covered with Koverall, and nitrate dope, finished with Krylon spray paint.
    It has some hangar rash, so it will need some TLC, but is otherwise RTF, except for RX.
    I made a transport/storage box for it, see pics.
    Box dimensions are 88 L, 22 H, 18 W.
    Local pick-up preferred, but will deliver within 100 miles of Cincinnati, OH, or ship.
    However, shipping would have to be figured out, since the box would be too big for FEDEX or UPS.
    Build thread on RCG :

    Pictures from the build :
    Wings :
    Fuselage :
    RC gear :
    All those pictures are from when I built the model, recent pictures, and details, also a short video of control surfaces operating here :

    Asking $ 900.-, contact here via PM, or at