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  • 6m KV Shark


    The Shark is near perfect and has had no bad landings or crashes. Ready to fly with Axel pilot minus the receiver. All high end servos and Life batteries.

    This plane is a steal at this price. Truly a magnificent flying machine. Very wide speed range. Thermals extremely well and has great legs when looking for more lift.

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    I apologize for not having better pictures. For some reason they will not upload properly. I will gladly email them upon request.
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      Kris, sent PM.


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        I cannot believe some one has not grabbed this plane. It is in near perfect condition.

        Last price reduction to $3600.

        Will be available at the South East Regional Aero Tow.


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          Hi Kris, hope you don't mind if I chime in here, just trying to help!
          If anyone up north is interested in this plane and will be attending the Horizon, Cumberland or Winamac events I will gladly transport it for you!

          SCCAAA TT TN


          • Kris
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            Thanks Jeremy but it looks like it has found a new hanger.

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          Hello Kris, I remember seeing the Shark a couple of years ago at SERA and was very impressed. I thought you had certainly sold it before now. If you bring it to SERA I'll bring a check and take it home. I have the slightly smaller KV Duo Discus and the two will make a nice pair!
          Tom McPherson


          • Mosquito
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            I have seen this plane and it is beautiful. Great buy at a great price.

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          Sold to Tom pending funds.

          I will be there around 12:00 - 1:00 pm on Wednesday.


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            Hi Kris,
            Rick Lake, Rusty Rood and I are leaving Pensacola early Thursday and should be there about lunch time.


            • Mosquito
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              Nice purchase!