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SZD- 48 Jantar Standard 2 scratch build?

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    Thanks Gunny. Sometimes it just comes over me..."What have I gotten myself into?" It's hard to stop working on it. I even went into my studio today and did a few more hours. Usually I take the weekend off. Started working on the wing filets and fuse root. It was a lot harder than I had thought because they had to be even exactly to each other, angled correctly and parallel. But they are good now and I can sand them to better shape when the foam filler dries by Monday.

    I also changed the canopy cut to the fuse. It was too high before. In addition to that I have to curve or round the corners.

    Got my CST order tonight and I have the soft drape 4 0z. cloth. I just ordered it 2 days ago. Super fast delivery. Monday I'll get a gallon of West Systems and with any luck I can start glassing later next week.


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      Being stuck in after effects hell for days now working on this movie hasn't allowed me much time for my build.

      Today I managed a whole hour and a half and started framing up the canopy form. The idea here is to make the form before I glass the fuse. The form will match the size of the unglassed fuselage. Once I pull the canopy on the vacuum form machine it will match the fuse once glassed because I'll being pulling over the form 030 PETG,.

      Hard to put into exact words but I have done this before and it works.

      The form here will have blue foam added tomorrow and the foam will be sanded to form, glassed, putty, primer and then I'll make a mold. From the mold I'll make a Ultracal 30 casting to vacuum form over.

      Got my epoxy today. "The stuff dreams are made of"


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        Do you have a larger thermoforming machine that's by your feather cutting bow, the canopy looks like it won't fit in that one.
        West system is the best!


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          Gunny the good thing about the Standard 1 vs. the Standard 2/3 is it has a two piece canopy. I'm hoping to make the buck from the mold in two pieces. Then each part just fits and I mean just. If not I'll take it to someone to pull. $$$


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            Ok, that explains that.

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          Canopy buck is roughed out. I won't do more to it until I glass and fine tune the fuse. Next up is the vertical tail, glass the inside of the fuse after I hog out and smooth the inside of the cockpit. Man for me, this is a big girl.


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            This is how I attached my fin.....carbon tube goes all the way to the bottom of the fuse......makes for a super strong fin/fuse joint and a strong fin LE.
            I also took all the foam out of the fin after it was glassed.....that way it was lighter and it allowed me to mount the elevator servo in the fin.
            TEAM GORGEOUS


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              Tom thanks, that's very helpful.


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                Got the tail and the rudder all cut today. All fits good. Rudder rotates well inside the radius.I did add that carbon fiber rod Tom. Next week hogging out and glassing the inside of the fuse and then I can join it.


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                  Been taking a break over the holidays and I'm chomping at the bit to get back to the build. I will be glassing the inside and outside next.

                  I've been finishing up the small Slingsby and starting a freeflight model. I'm also finishing off my 1/32 Bugeye sprite slot car scratch build.

                  Back to the Jantar next week.