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  • Slingsby Perfect - Mini Me

    While I decide whether to build the 1/3 scale Cherokee RM or a Slingsby Prefect I had this Easy Built Models Slingsby Perfect for free flight. I thought it would be fun to convert it to RC. As it turned out it has been harder than it looks.

    First of all if you have ever built free flight models you know they are delicate. And more than once I have put my bug thug fingers through the fuselage stringers.
    The first thing I did was build the fuse. It went up pretty quickly but then the hard part came that I overlooked. Having access to the cockpit for the RX and the battery! Argg…so I sheeted the areas between the stringers and carefully cut the cockpit deck away. Then rebuilt everything I destroyed in the process.
    I added more support and wood to the frame and the removable section sanded everything smooth again and voila.
    I’m using a Spektrum RX brick and a 150 lipoly , 2 pushrods for rudder and elevator. Don’t think I could take putting ailerons in the tiny wings.
    I don’t think I mentioned this sailplane has a whopping 36 inch span.
    The tail feathers I have modified for actual movement trying to stick to the scale sized planes. I added more ribs and wood to better mount then. I’ll also be adding more wood to the wing mount area and a bit of balsa aft for the push rod exits.
    I have to say this has been fun so far and a lesson in patience and delicacy.
    I have a small Carbon Cub that could tow this but the problem is I’d need to figure out a way for a release in this tiny girl, So high start might be the only answer.

    More to come…
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    I believe this is the same model. Not sure who the gentleman is. The other is my fuse n my big hand. I feel like Godzilla building this little bird. I have seen them fly and for a small plane they fly remarkably well.


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      Still more progress. I setup the elevator according to scale pictures. Connected the two feathers using an balsa joiner and piano wire with "L" bends. They are very strong and I'll only need one control horn to control both.

      Sheeted the til s bit for pushrod exits and a better seat for the horizontal stab and also the wing.

      Tomorrow I can install the radio and pushrods. Moving into the wing next.

      The more I work on this the more I want to build a 3rd scale as my first 3rd scale scratch build project.


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        Somebody will have to build a 'Pint Pawnee', 'Bitty Bidule' or 'Czrunken Czmelak' to tow this little jewel!


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          A bit more done. Yes Michael they should. But I do have a small Carbon Cub and a J-3.


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            A bit more progress. I'm about to start with the Dope. That old time hobby shop smell is about to be present in my studio. Yellow tissue. Once its doped I will be painting it with some red trim and a red curved back nose and graphics civilian style.


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              I love it.
              If it can't be done right, don't bother doing it at all.


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                Thanks a bunch!


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                  Forum didn't show the pst until I posted a second time. Deleted.

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                    It's been awhile but I found time yesterday to finish the tissue covering and now it's ready for dope, final assembly and painting.


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                      Neat little project. When these things came out at Easy Built I sent them an email and asked if anyone had converted one of these to RC; the response I got was they weren't aware of it but were sure somebody would, with the availability of micro RC gear nowadays. You should send them some photos when you're all done. Easy Built has some really neat stuff and I'm stocking up on some of their kits for when I just don't feel like dealing with complex RC stuff for the moment.


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                        I will do that for sure and I'm stocking up too for exactly the same reasons. I building the Wakefield next. I just love planes and things that fly.


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                          Tissue and dope... how wonderful!

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                        It is and I started a 45 inch span Wakefield for fun. Pure dope, tissue and rubber band for power.

                        Convertering a freeflight model to RC is not something I can recommend. I was consistently damaging the structure as I man handled it installing and making mods. It was fun but I won't do it again.

                        I started painting the little plane. It still needs its skid, cockpit and I guess I'll have to sculpt a pilot. I ma a sculpture by tread so it shouldn't be too hard. I got the cabanes on the tail feathers and the wing. The wing is held on with magnets and will come off as strong as they are without the cabanes.

                        I still have more paint to do on the wings and mark the ailerons with a fine sharpie. I have decals too that came with the kit yet to apply.

                        Yesterday I fired up the system and gave her a toss into the wind over the lawn and found she was tail heavy. However I was able to use elevator to correct the pitch effectively and made a controlled landing without out mishap. She does fly and controls are very effective.

                        So I'll finish her up next week and when it warms up and we get some lift I'll head for the slope with her and that darn big Sinbad I still haven't flown yet.

                        1.45 oz FUW


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                          A bit more painting done. Next up to install a cockpit, gauges, seat and interior as best I can at this size. Then wait for good weather and more test glides.


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                            You can probably slope that neat little sailplane off your house!