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Build Thread of 1/4 scale Schweizer 1-26

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  • Build Thread of 1/4 scale Schweizer 1-26

    Hello all. My winter project is the build of a Schweizer 1-26. I know this plane well as I flew one for about 3 years - unfortunately I lost the plane early this past season so this build will be the replacement. I'm totally new at posting such a thread so please bear with me as I stumble forward. Just starting off on this so it may take some time. I would like to do a narrated set of pics but not sure if that is possible here. Stay tuned.
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    I was hoping to start the posting of content today but I haven't figured out how to upload a video here. If someone can help me on that it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I have begun posting to my local flying club ... details here:

    I hope you can find/see the video. More as available


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      Looking forward to seeing Air Bear's new ride!!! 😎
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        Hi Don,

        Just like RC Groups, you can link and display a video right here. You cannot "upload" one per se as then the site has to pay for the ongoing storage of your video (again, same as RCG). YouTube is the most widely used source to upload and then link videos across the web.

        See the photo below. When making a post here, simply click on the "A" in the top right hand corner of the window. That will display a full menu of features that include an icon with a film strip. Inserting the URL of your YouTube video displays the video in a big viewer right inside the post.

        Thanks for sharing your build.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	55.7 KB ID:	30245
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          Ahhh ...Thanks, Steve !! Will do.

          I was advised this morning by my club mates that my videos are... 'too damn long'. I will then, by popular demand, keep them shorter.


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            Episode 3:


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              As Steve mentioned, most people use YouTube or maybe Vimeo but you managed to link to your Facebook video. I didn't know that was possible, interesting. Anyway I really like your narrated build-log format. Reading is like sooo last Wednesday :-) Anyway it will be nice to view this here on a proper forum, as you noted FB tends to screw around with the order of posts, although I notice you started here with episode 3?
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