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KV Ventus 2CX 4.8-meter assembly

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  • KV Ventus 2CX 4.8-meter assembly

    Just took delivery of my new KV 4.8-meter Ventus 2CX today. After going through all I received and a first look at the airframe…WOW! This is a nicely built, good looking model. Well worth the wait to get one and I hope it flies as good as it looks.

    So, I know I can’t be the only one to assemble one of these on this side of the big pond, I want to know what you guys did in your assemblies. Also, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything and believe the best engineering is built on what worked well in the past. If you have them pictures would be great too.

    My surface servos will be MKS HV6100’s all around in frames, except for the elevator. It will be the same servo, just not in a frame. I also plan on a separate battery for the retract. I haven’t looked close enough yet, but I also wonder about the retract servo mount and what type of servo people have used.

    Another thing I was surprised about was no hardware, I.E. horns, ETC. Mostly I plan to do what has worked on my TD ships in the past for those controls and wiring connections. Might need to order some G-10 and fabricate my own surface horns though, again any comments or thoughts are appreciated.

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    Keep the linkages internal if you can. These LDS frames are fairly affordable and look like they have nice horns with them. Says kit includes frames and parts for two servos for under 20 pounds. Your drag profile will thank you.


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      If your rudder servo fits inside the tail of the fuse you can build a tray that slides in from the rear and locks in place with one or two screws. I'm using a similar method on my Antares.
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        OK, so I received some flak for not posting more pictures of the 2CX. It finally cleared about an hour ago after I finished changing the Mobil 1 in it's hauler. Took it out on my lawn, which shows the results of no watering while I was laid up. No joke this airplane is a quality piece of kit. Very good fit and finish. The joiner system is a work of art and just slides together.

        Also, I did some more exploring while it was damp and cloudy today. Sure am glad I waited to order my retract needs a low profile servo to fit in the mount. OOH, to access it you have to remove the retract and be aware that the door closers either need to be untied or you can just set the retract in the aft end of the cockpit. This is my first glider with a retract, so it was new for me.

        Another thought I forgot to take pictures of the underside of the wing. I plan to put dark blue sign vinyl on the center panels and I think I will order some new graphics from Callie. Probably use the font and graphics as stock, just size them to fit between the servo bays. So, let's hear a vote white or silver graphics?

        On to the show...


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          Very nice! You are 'off the hook', now, since posting pics! I like the silver graphics. They exude 'class' on this bird!