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Paint Schemes - Slingsby Skylark1 and Swallow

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  • Paint Schemes - Slingsby Skylark1 and Swallow

    Peter was kind enough to supply me with some drawings of his latest sailplane kits so I started fiddling with some paint scheme ideas his T-37 and T-45. Here's a first scheme for the Skylark1. I first tried red and blue on a white base, which looked really good in my opinion but ended with a maroon/red for this one. Couldn't decide which way to go for wing top so two different options. Anyone feel free to add their ideas/schemes to this thread as well.

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    Bryan, Now that is a very pretty Skylark scheme. I'd go with that! Only question from me would be what does the bottom of the glider look like. To me, being able to tell "top from bottom" at distance is at least half of the reason for any color scheme. Your 3-view looks very nice, which is the other half of the reason for a "good VS not so good" scheme. Just my 2 cents---



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      Yes, I'm adding bottoms to the base drawings of both the Skylark1 and Swallow to show them as well.


      • ARUP
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        Is this a variation: new bottles for old wine? LOL The color schemes you provide are neat!

      • BryanB
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        Sort of. I've had a builder request to offer up some schemes for mainly the Type 37.