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  • Baudis 1/3 ASW22BL

    It's late in the game but here's the latest pic of my progress on the big bird. She's just about ready for some final wiring, programming, motor run ups, and first flights. The spinner installation on my SLS modification in the nose is too ugly to publish for now as I don't know what my final solution will be to get the lines to flow together properly yet. I need something like the RFK scale spinner but in a 60mm dia. I just want to get her in the air, make sure the power system is up to the task and then finish up the SLS cosmetics.
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    I haven't done final balance yet but I should be able to get away with very little ballast judging from a nearly complete fuse. That makes me happy since I'm already losing a little climb performance due to the fact that my plane isn't the lighter GPS layup. I was never able to track down if it's the standard or the extra strong layup, but keeping it light is high on my list of priorities, so I'm glad that the addition of the SLS was basically just a replacement for the normally required ballast.

    Radio batteries are ordered and should be here by the weekend, but I want to take an extra few days/week to double check everything and I'd like to have someone with giant scale glider experience there. Need to call Tom soon, see what his schedule is.


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      Never installed a receiver with more than one satellite and haven't really dealt with the whole carbon fuse issue before so I'll take any criticism or recommendations regarding my receiver placement. The main antenna on the base unit is bottom center of the fuse as far as possible from the esc/motor to the front, and carbon parts of the fuse to the rear, and the remaining three satellites were installed following the recommendations of Spektrum as far as min distances from other rec's and trying to keep the antennae on different planes/parallels.

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        Your satellite placement looks good and is typical for these airframes. Following the Spektrum guidelines is the best you can do. The proof of the pudding will be reading the flight log data after the initial flights. Do a thorough range check before you maiden. If any satellites show exceptionally high frames losses or fades in relation to the others, then relocate that one. Exceptionally high would be on the order of an order of magnitude greater in comparison. The big Baudis ASW is an airframe that is very interesting and seems to fly incredibly well!! Enjoy!


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          Thanks. I read the manual last night after posting and discovered the flight log data function. Things have come a long way.