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  • Valenta Models Ventus Question

    Hello all...

    Looking at this model at Soaring USA and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company’s scale models?

    I know it doesn’t come with any gear (optional) but since I will be flying from grass, I’m not sure it would be an issue. I am just getting in to scale sailplanes and am looking for something not too difficult to build or fly.

    Thans for any suggestions!


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    Curt, just now saw your thread. If you haven't made a choice yet check out my "Addiction Recommendations" thread. I have no experience with the Valenta models, but in my search the SB-9 was brought up as well as the Baudis ASW-22. They also make a Cirrus V, very sweet looking thermal ship. I was told by a long time flying buddy that the SB-9 was not as stiff as the ASW-22, however the ASW is about half again more expensive in the glass version and made to request only. It is in production as a carbon version, but I've been told it is heavy and will be best on the slope as a result. Also, it looks like there is much less to do to get the ASW-22 airborne than the SB-9.

    Etienne at Icare has the SB-9 and Cirrus in stock. I found that there are many choices in this class with prices ranging from around $1000 to just under $3000. Alex with SUSA tells me that the 1/3 scale Pilatus B4 is one awesome model and will thermal very well. If would fit in my vehicle it was going to be my choice. It was too close to call without actually trying the components themselves, so I went with the KV Ventus 2CX which Alex recommended highly in the size model that would fit my requirements. I hear from my flying buddies that the Ventus 2CX is a very good model. Let us know what you choose.
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