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Phoenix Ka-8b 3.5 meter

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  • Phoenix Ka-8b 3.5 meter

    I was bitten by the aero tow bug two years ago when I converted an electric 1/5 semi-scale Fox to aero tow. That was the last thing I needed since I already had a dozen or so string launch gliders. Last year at the Mickey Sullivan a longtime soaring buddy and one of the tow pilots suggested I look at the Phoenix 3.5 M Ka-8b. Not having a larger scale airplane to fly and with my storage and transportation restrictions made it a good fit for me.

    Attached are some photos of my completed aircraft. Naturally, I could not leave it alone. The design from Phoenix is a combination electric/tow example and some things would need to change to make it better for towing. I added a custom designed and fabricated in the nose tow release, electric spoilers and many other small details to improve the function and durability.

    Some of the pictures were taken before I applied the registration numbers after the initial flights. They have since been added as can be seen. The airplane flies quite nicely and in the two sessions I’ve had so far I’ve logged 10 flights with multiple thermal rides. Also, for how light it is it seems to have a very good speed range. Doesn’t have the legs of a high aspect ratio glass slipper, but very fun to fly and thermals easily.

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    Very nice and your radio install is really, really nice! I hope to see it in person... at SLED in July?


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      Michael, you will have to get that Swiss Cross into check when you see it!! LOL.

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    Thanks, Michael. Coming from what I've seen of your work that is appreciated. I do have a streak of OCD in me. Unfortunately, I probably won't be flying until late August at the earliest. My surgeon has scheduled my 3 month post operation exam for then. I have been released to drive, but since I'm still wearing a cervical collar and can't turn my head it's scary. All is going well though and I am making good progress. Start out patient rehab next week. Need to wait for the old bones to heal.

    BTW, we have already started our second "building season" here. It' is usually too hot to be outside after 10:00 AM. I have an X-RES 2 meter kit I plan to build during my rehabilitation period so I don't go stir crazy.


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      Did your surgeon put in the RC airplane cervical 'wedge'? It's a non-standard item that allows you to look upward for long periods of time without neck strain and doubles as a 'snob mimicker' so that you can go to 'hoity-toity' parties and look down your nose at 'underlings'! Seriously... I hope you have a speedy and effortless recovery period!


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        LOL, I didn't have him do it since the option price was a little high! The recovery so far has been mostly painless and I'm progressing quite rapidly from what I've read. Effortless, well....