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Help! 1/3 scale ASK-18

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  • Help! 1/3 scale ASK-18

    At the SERA event this year I picked up a 1/3 scale ASK-18 from Rusty Rood from the Pensacola area- 1/34 scale, fiberglass fuse, foam core/obechi covered wings. He got into a tip stall and it came down hard . I'm not going to do a complete refurb-it's an old model and it would require a lot of work but with some repairs it will be flyable and is reported to be a good flying model. What I need help with is a canopy-this one is BER. Any ideas where I can get a canopy for this model? Rusty said another path is that a canopy from a 1/3 scale CAP 21 will fit but I haven't been able to find either. Thanks-Bill
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    Can you just put some foam into the canopy area and carve it a bit? Some foam safe silver paint will get you flying with respectable appearance, lol.


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      If I can't find a canopy I'll have to do something creative...


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        Thats a Rosenthal. Very well known for the tip stall. I've personally seen a couple of them tip stall into the ground on the base to final turn.

        Good luck with the search.
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          I believe that was the same as one I owned. Beautiful sailplane. Performs extremely well with the exception of a nasty tip stall if it gets too slow. I completely restored one, flew it for a few years, sold it to a person in CA who wrecked it into a pole at Visalia. :-(

          The flying surfaces were CNC Bayer and the fuselage Rosenthal. I seriously doubt that either will get you a canopy, but if the links below look like your bird this is the best course to follow....

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            i believe Rusty used a canopy from Carden Aircraft. He sent the original broken canopy and frame to Carden so they could determine the best fit. It was close enough according to Rusty.