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  • New design "kit built"

    Pete G has designed a couple new planes in the last month or so and already successfully flown both of them. The tug is a 150cc Cmelak, or Smelly Yak as we call it. Pete towed with the plane in Cumberland recently and the plane flies awesome. Super slow landings and tons of power will make this a go to tug for those lucky enough to get the parts to build it.

    The sailplane is a Swallow, which he designed and built for his wife Caroline to replace her well used ASK18. Caroline is an accomplished RC sailplane pilot and has been flying planes for years.
    The 4+ meter all wood Swallow can be build in very little time, giving you a lightweight floater.

    There are a few Swallow kits available though me. If interested give me a call or E-mail

    Click image for larger version  Name:	18157302_1313759968660490_7463247717137886185_n.jpg Views:	1 Size:	374.5 KB ID:	16551

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    Len, I am guessing the Swallow is a Slingsby T-45? And is it 1/3 scale? Should be a great performer. I was hoping to see a new scale sailplane from Horizon but I guess that's not going to happen now that Pete is retired.


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      I want one of them there Slingsby Swallow kits!


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        I'm sure Ian Noble needs to build a Slingsby!

        Jeremy and Ben

        SCCAAA TT TN


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          One swallow kit left as of today.

          Team Horizon Hobby


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            Last call for the final Slingsby Swallow Kit.
            It's ready and I'll be in IL next week, so I can bring it back if someone from my area is interested.

            Already proven to be a great flyer...

            Don't be the one left out of this limited run kit.
            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Will Pete be autographing any kit pieces?


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                I'll forge his name for you
                Team Horizon Hobby


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                  I doubt you will get away with the forgery, Remember, I have a real McCoy to compare it to for authenticity...... You don't want to end up in airplane jail!! I've seen where spinners can go, it ain't pretty...


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                    Last kit is SOLD, Joe Nelson wants it. I will pick it up at Horizon AT for him.
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