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Ka6 CR HB-536

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  • Ka6 CR HB-536

    A friend of mine in Germany sent me this link. I spotted the Ka6 CR that I used for my 1/2 scale models color scheme, in a photo he posted about an event at the Wasserkuppe. I wish I'd seen this when I was researching my color scheme, as well as the cockpit layout and colors. In the link there are pages that show Blue Prints for the nose section, showing all controls, tow release mechanism and seat, also another page with color chips for interior and exterior colors, not to mentions great detail photos of the airplane. Even if you don't do this color scheme the Blue Prints and photos will be a boon to anyone wanting to detail the cockpit of a Ka6 CR model.

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    This a great resource for Ka6. Thanks for sharing.t is now bookmarked in my "source" folders.