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    GPS racing is fun!

    What is also fun is exporting his flight to and IGC format and reviewing it,

    For that purpose I found an awesome website,
    you can load you igc files for free and replay them in 2D or 3D

    see the video of one of my flight in Cumberland, 10 laps

    Horizon Hobby Team Member

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    way cool Stephane...good to see the mountain that way too....If you know anyone who has the T3000 and needed extras for sale used at decent price...let me know....thanks Matt

    Might wait for the new line of stuff otherwise that Pete was talking about


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      Pretty cool to see! Thanks for posting.

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    Great to see it, something I'll need to do also.

    Good luck with finding one Matt.

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      You can also import the IGC file and task file to the SkyNavigator app and replay the flight there. That display is much more useful. SkyNavigator is no longer supported but is very stable. It is available for free on the Play Store. An even more useful app/program is SeeYou but it is very expensive. But I think you can use it for free for a limited time and/or number of runs. If you use the RC Electronics program RC Data Manager to download the file from the Multi2 you can select from several different file types.

      Rick Shelby
      Team Horizon


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        The T3000 system is no longer available. It has been replaced by a much more advanced system that has just now become available to the public. John Ellias, Dean Gradwell and I have been beta testers of this system since last September. The hardware is much more advanced as you would expect with the pace of electronic sensor technology these days. The display is on an Android device and looks similar to SkyNavigator but it has many very significant improvements. The 2 most significant at the moment are the addition of real airspeed (not derived from GPS position) and stereo sound that guides you around the course. If the sound is in your right ear you need to veer right to be on course. If it is in you left ear you need to veer left. If both ears then keep flying straight. It is incredibly intuitive and useful.

        Reading the manuals on the website linked in the prior post will provide a good overview of the features. The manuals are not long and not overly technical. I am the original USA dealer for RC Electronics and have developed a package that includes everything you need to use the system. It is essentially plug and play when you receive it. You will have to install the plumbing for the airspeed pitot tube and/or TEK probe if your plane does not already have it. The complete system is $1200 plus your Android device of choice. There are good devices available for $100 if you don't already have one. I am using a Dragontouch V10 tablet and John and Dean use the Motorola Moto 6 phone. For comparison, the original SkyNavigator system cost $1500 about 10 years ago.
        Rick Shelby
        Team Horizon


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          thanks much Rick. I will read through that some more to get handle on it all and what is all there a link for the "full package" purchase of all needed items check out. or did I miss it?



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            The complete system I mentioned in my post is something I put together myself to make it easier for my customers to get started. The package includes:
            Raven which comes with the GPS receiver
            Snipe which comes with the needed cord to connect to the Android device
            License key for Albatross app
            Any "Y" or "T" fittings needed

            I do all the setup so the Raven and Snipe communicate with each other and I obtain the license key for Albatross. I also create and apply labels to the Raven and Snipe where everything plugs in.

            This system has 2 available methods to compensate the vario. A standard TEK probe or electronic compensation using only a pitot tube with a separate static source. In some planes the static source can just be the air pressure in the cockpit. Both methods are adjustable from within the Albatross app. I believe the Raven manual explains this fairly well. For a pitot tube I am just using the brass tube that I installed previously for the TEK probe of the T3000 system. There is a sweet looking stainless steel pitot tube on the website. I have some arriving any day now and will give my opinion of them when they get here.

            Another slightly larger option for a pitot tube with an integrated static source is available from Spektrum (SPMA9588). It has an OD of about 4mm whereas the RC Electronics tube should be 2.5mm. I can supply the Spektrum tube if needed although I see they are on backorder at the moment. I have a couple in my stash though.

            If you want to use a TEK probe that is an additional $50. Most people already have one for the vario they are using now.
            If you need a full set of tubing for the TEK probe and/or pitot tube that is $30. As above most people already have that installed and only need the "Y" or "T" connectors. You may notice that my price for the tubing set is less than what is shown on the website. I have sourced all the components here in the US and cut the parts to length myself. I just don't feel good about charging the website price for that set.

            The only other thing you would need is an Android device for the display. I suppose I could supply that as well if needed for approximately $100.

            So to sum up:
            My standard R/S package $1200
            TEK probe 50
            Complete tubing set 30
            Android device 100?

            Rick Shelby
            Team Horizon


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              Originally posted by hello82 View Post
              way cool Stephane...good to see the mountain that way too....If you know anyone who has the T3000 and needed extras for sale used at decent price...let me know....thanks Matt

              Might wait for the new line of stuff otherwise that Pete was talking about
              Hi Matt,

              Mike Smith here. I have a T3000 set up if you are still interested.

              You can email me at : Mike (at) themapsmith (dot) com since I don't check forums on a regular basis.


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                Thanks Rick and Mike

                i appreciate the full write up of all you are offering Rick . I look forward to checking the new system out down the road . In the meantime I will try out the used older system for learning . I am not competing , just to use at fields with friends . Thanks for all the cool stuff for soaring .

                Look forward to new GPS adventures in the sky with an Antares .