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    Hi guys. I'm an old guy,not used to forums, the internet in general, so bare with me till I get onto this! I've got a 2yr old Tower Hobbies Vista sailplane. The motor quit,AGAIN , so I'turned it into a towable sailplane,as it does thermal well. Can anyone tell me where I should place a tow hook for using a highstart ? That way I can still fly if no one is available to tow me up. By the way, I do know a couple of you guy from Sky High Field in Pa. ( Jim, Len , Gunny ) I will get to know more over time I'm sure. Thanks

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
    i did a lot of hi start launches on many gliders way back in the 80's. 45 degrees forward of the CG always worked for me. See diagram in picture.


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      Thanks Gunny, looking forward to talking to you at SkyHigh Field this fall!


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        If you hang the plane by the tow hook, the fuse should be level or slightly tail low.


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          I would recommend slightly tail down when hung upside down. Level or tail high will lead to a potential to stall and the pilot must be ready to push the nose forward quickly to prevent a crash or pop off. This can happen almost without warning and sometimes as soon as the model leaves the hand of the thrower. However, most of my string launch gliders are set up level or slightly tail down to gain the most height. Not recommended for a pilot new to string launch though, IMHO.