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    The Radian XL is a great, easy to fly sailplane that is relatively inexpensive. It isn't scale and it doesn't have ailerons but ... it is a great flying sailplane! It would be good 'practice'. It can be launched by the pilot in command but for first flights another person would be helpful for this task. Then... you could let your helper fly it as 'payback' and add another potential sailplane flier to the fold! *sneaky* The transition to scale sailplanes would be easier. What do you other guys think?


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      Getting the eye hand motor function back in training can't be over emphasized. The Radian XL looks good for a beginner ship or a trainer for thermaling as well. However, some have said it's climb under power is somewhat anemic. Also, I have read that assembly at the field can be a little fiddly with all of the screws needed to attach the wings. I would recommend either of the REM Radians and avoid the Radio Pro with ailerons and flaps...most people pan it.


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        Mark9- the XL has plenty of power for climb out. I have one! The wing attach is a little fiddly. A bunch of us got together at Cumberland to 'prove the mettle' of the Radian XL. More than 15(?) pilots flew it for 15 minutes each and the Radian did great! The initial motor run was really short but I don't remember the time.