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  • Hello everyone.

    I haven't messed with forums for awhile, but a resurgence in glider interest for me lately has me seeking this out. Gliders are something I always come back to after having flown full scale while I lived in Germany 99-02, 3 summers of flying gets it in your blood. sadly after returning to kentucky there was no place to soar, so been rc ever since. I was suggested to post here mainly to ask if there is anyone knows who has or can kit a Bergfalke III like what I flew back then.

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    I know that Chris Williams in the UK had designed one and it may have been available as a plan through Traplet, but I believe they're gone now. Hopefully someone here on the forums can steer you in the right direction to find one... short of having to design it yourself.
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      Thanks, I think I have heard of that one before. There is a small chance ill have a chance to go back to my flying club in germany next summer where the bf3 still flys. If so I plan to get as many detail images and such as I can. I know its a long shot for a model but something Id like to do some day.


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        Hi Mike and welcome to the forums.

        You can get any of the Chris Williams and others from!...=0&sort=normal

        Here is the Bergfalke .!...tegory=5210197

        Hope this helps.


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          All right! Another scale sailplane enthusiast in Kentucky! I'm near Taylorsville about 40 minutes from Louisville. Maybe we can get together along with Dion, another Kentucky guy!


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            ARUP, sorry i missed the reply, this page is a bit odd compared to the other forums. heck yea! Im a long time member of the Hardin Co Radio Control Modelers, we have a huge airspace great for soaring, just always a hit or miss interest. let get connected are you on fb? thats how i do most of my communication. Ill PM you.