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Tow Line Guard Tubes - Best Tubes and Securing Methods ??

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  • Tow Line Guard Tubes - Best Tubes and Securing Methods ??

    Hi Guys,

    I'm finishing up my Storch and would like to use the towline guard tube that covers the tow line past the tail to help keep the line from getting tangled in the struts when released.

    On my L-4 I have a piece of Sullivan Golden Rod over the light weight line I use when towing. But I just tied some knots into the line so that the tubing couldn't slide past the tail. It's not very elegant and probably not the best set up. But it worked to get us in the air. Plus it's red...... yuk....

    I see many of these set ups in videos and they use shrink tube or something at the ends of the tube. I'm not sure I want to apply heat there so it must be some really high tech alien tech that keeps this all together and looks tidy.

    What is the best tubing and proper way to secure the it to the line?

    Thanks for any help.


    BTW- I see what looks like a cloth covering instead of a hard tubing being used on some tow lines. Is this better ? What kind of wrapping is it and how do you secure it?

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    I use NyRod outer tubes on my tow rig to keep the line from tangling in the rudder and aileron exposed servos. I put a piece of shrink tube on the tow plane end of the tow line. It works great.
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