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Newbie from Norway introduction (im actually a POM!) dont hold it aginst me.

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  • Newbie from Norway introduction (im actually a POM!) dont hold it aginst me.

    D Hello from Norway,

    I am so very happy to have joined you all, and i look forward very much to a long and fulfilling membership.
    I am actually from England, but moved to Norway 15 years ago after meeting and then marrying a Viking!who is simply wonderful, puts up with my silliness and hobby obsessions! mainly because I have never settled to one hobby and got on with it? mind you their are one or two reasons for this
    one is I have not worked gainfully for nei on 30 years! due to long term illness and general poor health(long tedious story) will spare you all.

    I have looked at RC Sailplanes before a few years back but as usual I chickened out, thought it was all to difficult for me? and so it may still prove to be,as I have lot of obstacles (challenges) to overcome,I am not sure at this juncture weather I will be able to join my nearest club? if so then it will be on my own as we live in the wilds,I do not drive and it is awkward to get anywhere.but im working on it.I would far prefer to be taught the basics of scale sailplanes operation,than have to use some kind of simulator,only if possible?

    Eventually I wish to reach a point where I can at least get the plane up around and back in safety,and although frowned upon by many RC Pilots I actually like the idea of auto pilot specifically Uthere "RUBY" You see to me it is far more exciting to fly with confidence instead of worrying about major crashes of course when I reach certain levels of skill I can set the RUBY to different settings..this was will allow me not to get totally reliant on auto pilot,as being pointed out in the past

    I will require lots of advice and guidance and contrary to how it may appear I am very flexible and open to learning,but due to certain health restrictions I must make the flying/control as stress-less as possible,no 3d interest for me.Time is very precious to me,and sometimes I may appear a little

    anyway I look forward to hearing from some of you in the future


    best wishes Steve

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    Hi Steve. Welcome to the group.
    Team PowerBox Systems Americas ............You can't buy happiness. But, you can buy a sailplane and that's pretty darn close.


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      Hello Steve
      many thanks for your kind welcome,much appreciated

      regards Steve


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        Hi Steve.
        2016 has provided flyers with many *excellent* gliders to start learning with.

        Having briefly flown and extensively seen flown at our local field by a variety of people ( very young ones i will add) with experience of 1 through 100, the Radian XL may be the best starting point of all. Those with less experience were tutored and helped so please don't misunderstand that getting help at the beginning is *critical* to future success and longenvity of interest in the hobby.

        Not simply because of its relatively low price , built in gyroscopic stability, parts availability (!) but its weight (which is closer to wing loading levels of smaller scale gliders than comparable arf models) should make it a good starter and transition plane to scale types.

        The higher weight will do you and the model well in windier weather, wing spoilers are common on scale gliders as with Radian XL. motor assist launch is the only way to go if you need to count on flying on your own.

        Please see the excellent thread about the Radian XL that other members of this group have posted to get a good sense about this model.

        best wishes, john s.
        Wow..this looks huge! I love the original Radian, went for the Radian Pro but hated it, this one looks like a great glider, albeit a foamy. Thread here with


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          Good day John
          Great to hear from you, I thank you very much for the advice and help, very much appreciated, and needed!

          The Radian XL & range was one of the first sailplanes recommended to me,way,and I have being looking at this one online,as I have no chance to see them for real,well not at the moment at least,we did have a shop once but long gone.I will check out the threads on the Radian.thanks for letting me know.

          all the best Steve


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            Hi Steve,
            I'm glad you were able to get on board and happy to have you with us. It sounds like the Radian XL would be a great choice if you are out in the wilds as you say.

            It takes starting somewhere and thats a great place to start.

            Len Buffinton
            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Hello Len
              So good to hear from you,Yes the Radian xl sounds ideal unless someone comes up with a better proposition? in the mean time.
              please keep the suggestions and good advice coming

              regards Steve


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                Hi Steve,

                So very glad you have been able to join the group here.

                There are many threads that are wonderful to take a look at and all here are very helpful in providing any information and help to get you going.

                I have a couple of the Radian XL's I enjoy flying out at events and another that I have been using for friends and others to learn how to fly with. It is a great sailplane, pretty durable, and it flies pretty darn well.

                Hope you can get flying soon.

                If there is anything I can help with just write a quick note on any thread or send a private message and I'll get right back to you.

                Looking forward to hearing how things are going.



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                  Big Hello Bob from Norway
                  Many thanks for your very kind offer of help, gratefully received.
                  can i ask a question how quick can someone who as never handled a transmitter get used to basic flying or should I go for sim first? i am waiting at present for a reply re joining nearest club,as I hope they can both show me how to use the sim,as well as teach me to fly.and what do you think to my daft idea to still fit a RUBY Auto pilot (have it fitted)*I like the idea of AP,even though most folk frown on the idea.

                  Your words really encourage me

                  best wishes Steve


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                    Steve, there are several simulators out there, Real Flight and Phoenix come to mind right off hand. They are helpful with getting use to how the planes fly.

                    While they are great to use they do not fully simulate what actual flight will be like do to changing conditions, winds, etc.

                    One thing to keep in mind is that the simulators have set aircraft airframes to choose from, although many people have made additional airframe simulations for use with the simulators. Often you can look online at the websites for these and see what model airframes the simulators come with as well as look at user sites where people have created additional model airframes.

                    I think getting connected with the local club and the members will be the most helpful. Working with others in person and getting actual flight time makes all the difference.

                    I know many others here can also share their thoughts about what may be most helpful with getting started and the use of simulators.

                    I hope this may be helpful.

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